Diamond polymer representation


Diamond polymer representation

We have been representing the company since May 1st, 2020 DIAMANT Metallplastic GmbH from Mönchengladbach. For over 130 years, DIAMANT Metallplastic has been developing and producing products for the foundry industry exclusively in Germany. As a full-service provider of high-quality polymer systems, the company focuses on the repair of metals, surface treatment, impregnation and wear protection.
Polymer systems from DIAMANT Metallplastic are ideal for:

Metal impregnation, sealing of the finest details (Dichtol)
superficial corrections (Liquid metal)
fine and medium-sized repairs (plasticmetal)
extensive repairs (Ultra metal)
the capillary metal impregnation (Dichtol)
the wear protection (RepaCoat)


Perfectly linked: product quality and service

DIAMANT Metallplastic combines globally proven product quality with industry-leading quality of service. Because technical applications in the foundry sector do not require universal, but precise solutions - and uncompromising orientation towards very specific user requirements:

Problem identification and development of solution concepts
well-engineered, individually adjustable range with matching accessories
Development and formulation of special recipes for special applications
detailed advice and additional training offers

Would you like to find out more about reducing rejects, impregnating voids or repairing porosities?

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