Ceramic round hole filter

According to the pouring system

Filters are always installed as close as possible to the casting after the sprue system and before the gate. The resulting laminar flow is important for high quality cast products. Ideally, the filter is installed vertically in a horizontal duct. A reservoir is formed in front of the filter, which is used to absorb the impurities and to homogenize the material and the temperature.


Round-hole filters made of aluminum silicate ceramic with mullite as the main component are used for casting aluminum, its alloys and for iron casting. High-quality filters made of corundum-mullite ceramic with an aluminum oxide content of over 70 % are the right choice for cast steel and are widely used.

In our range you will find pressed, ceramic round-hole filters with round, rectangular and square outer contours. The filters are characterized in particular by their precise geometry, which ensures an optimal flow result and a particularly high temperature resistance of up to 1700 ° C. A large number of types are available depending on the flow rate, pouring speed and filter capacity.


  • In contrast to the pores of the ceramic foam filters, the holes in the round-hole filters are clearly defined, positioned and clearly measurable for quality control.
  • Consistent casting behavior is guaranteed due to the low tolerances.
  • The straight holes lead to a laminar flow after the filter. In contrast, this is not guaranteed with foam ceramic filters.
  • When delivered, there are no interfering foreign particles inside the filter that could lead to undesired inclusions. Due to the well-developed manufacturing process, round-hole filters are clean (free of dust and particles) and free of contamination.
  • Round hole filters are characterized by a high degree of dimensional stability. In addition, the smooth surface and the closed outer contour lead to advantages in the planning and installation of the filter.
  • The production takes the environment into account. There are no emissions during the burning process, as pore-forming foams made of plastic are not used. Instead, durable tools and dies are used.

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