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As an Austrian partner for Morgan Molten Metal Systems We have an extensive stock of products crucible, as well as various Coasters.

Temperature resistance
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Crucibles & coasters

  • Product overview

    Enclosed you can see the product group overview according to metals or temperatures and the matching crucible types. To enlarge the image, please click on the image itself.

    Morgan Advanced materials

    Morgan Partner

    Austrian partner for Morgan Molten Metal Systems products.

    Crucibles & Coasters

    We offer a comprehensive range and keep many products in stock for you.

    Various materials

    Graphite, Syncarb Z2e², Syncarb FL, Syncarb Z2, Stabil U, Stabil HT / VO, etc.


    As an Austrian partner for Morgan Molten Metal Systems We have an extensive stock of products crucible, as well as various Coasters: Graphite, Syncarb Z2e², Syncarb FL,Syncarb Z2, Stabil U, Stabil HT / VO, Syncarb UL / ISO-SiC -R.

    Materials | Assortment

    • Graphite
    • Syncarb Z2e²
    • Syncarb FL
    • Syncarb Z2
    • Stable U
    • Stable HT / VO
    • Syncarb UL / ISO-SiC -R

    Molten Metal Systems

    Morgan Advanced Materials' Molten Metal Systems business offers one of the most comprehensive crucible ranges in the industry and is backed by unrivalled technical expertise. This allows customers to be offered the perfect crucible for the specific application.

    Morgan Slider
  • KS Kneissl & Senn Technologie

    Gasser GmbH

    Gasser - Handel mit Gießerei- und Stahlwerksbedarf Gesellschaft m.b.H. has been active as a company since 1925. Over time, various commercial agencies and products produced under their own brand were added. Today, the company concentrates 100% on products for iron and non-iron foundries and manufacturers and processors. Since 2017, the company has been part of the SENN Group and has also been based in Erl since 2022.

    Since 2018, the company has been certified according to ISO9001, currently according to the 2015 revision of the standard.

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    Refractory | Foundry supplies | Accessories



ATTENTION - Sale to professionals only

Gasser GmbH Foundry Technology

Your specialist for foundry supplies, refractory, and high-temperature resistant insulation solutions.

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