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Impregnate & seal

Impregnate and seal cast parts: targeted, economical, durable. Securely seal micropores, porosities and hairline cracks: Significantly reduce rejects and defective production With efficient use of materials and simple application.

DIAMANT Dichtol is the mature, ready-to-use polymer impregnation system for targeted use on cast parts, metals and raid prototyping components.

Sealing oil for foundry

Product name product description Technical data sheet
HTR #0977 Temperature resistant up to 500 ° C,
very good penetration behavior
WF 49 #1849 Resistant to solvents
and aggressive media
WFT standard #1532 All-rounder up to 300 ° C, very good
Penetration behavior even with small pores
WFT standard spray #2087 All-rounder in practical terms
500ml spray can
WFT Macro #1546 All-rounder up to 300 ° C
for larger pores
WFT Macro Spray #2088 All-rounder for larger pores in the
500ml spray can
HTWG Hydro #2506 High temperature sealer up to 700 ° C
HTWG S #2505 High temperature sealer up to 700 ° C
solvent based

Polymer systems

In addition to Dichtol, we carry the following other polymer systems from DIAMANT Metallplastic for:

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Further products

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