Stirrers and accessories for foundry supplies

We have been supplying foundries and steel mills since 1925. With a wide range of products, you will find everything you need from a single source for optimum casting results.

Temperature resistance
1200 °C
Product type
Foundry supplies

  • Impeller

    • Rotor form adaptable to your specific application
    • Best possible vertical and horizontal gas distribution over the entire ladle
    • Control of surface movement by adapting the rotor shape
    • Antioxidant impregnation for longer service life


    • Customized end piece, adapted for each receptacle / socket
    • Antioxidant impregnation for longer service life
    • Optimized wall thickness and shaft geometry
    • Perfect axiality, thus lowest unbalance

    Wide range of products

    Wide range of stirrers and accessories for foundry needs.


    Various designs and qualities available.

    Experienced advice

    Through our many years of experience, we offer the best advice.

    Antioxidant impregnation

    • Complete penetration of the volume by vacuum technology
    • Porous graphite is sealed by crystalline impregnate
    • Increase in service life by 10-30% depending on application compared to non-impregnated graphite

    Other consumer goods

    • Degassing lances up to 3500 mm
    • Channels
    • EDM graphite

    Technical support

    • Integral part of the sale of graphite consumables
    • Setting parameters for the preparation process
    • Optimization of rotor design
    • Recommendation of suitable graphite grades for various applications

    Customized solutions

    • Production of graphite products according to specific customer drawing
    • Execution in different graphite qualities possible depending on the application
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  • KS Kneissl & Senn Technologie

    Gasser GmbH

    Gasser - Handel mit Gießerei- und Stahlwerksbedarf Gesellschaft m.b.H. has been active as a company since 1925. Over time, various commercial agencies and products produced under their own brand were added. Today, the company concentrates 100% on products for iron and non-iron foundries and manufacturers and processors. Since 2017, the company has been part of the SENN Group and has also been based in Erl since 2022.

    Since 2018, the company has been certified according to ISO9001, currently according to the 2015 revision of the standard.

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    Refractory | Foundry supplies | Accessories



ATTENTION - Sale to professionals only

Gasser GmbH Foundry Technology

Your specialist for foundry supplies, refractory, and high-temperature resistant insulation solutions.

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