Foam ceramic filter

Temperatures up to 1700 ° C

The use of foam ceramic filters can be divided into the aluminum foundries and those of iron, steel and heavy metal castings.

For the aluminum casting, floating variants are offered which, due to the low density of 1.9 g / cm³, release the infiltrated aluminum when the sprue is melted down, float into the dross and can be removed with it.

As the filters are free of organic components, there are no harmful emissions for humans or the environment. It is also advantageous that the filters are not hygroscopic, so that they do not absorb moisture from the environment and do not need to be pre-dried.

The maximum application temperature is 1700 ° C. The dimensions of the foam ceramic filters are manufactured according to customer requirements, whereby all common formats and porosities are available.

In addition to the filter effect against unwanted inclusions, the pouring stream is also calmed through the use of foam ceramic filters. This results in a more even filling of the mold and a reduction in errors due to introduced and freshly formed oxides.

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