Void powder (exothermic)




Foundry supplies


Aluminium casting industry

Specially developed for the aluminium industry.


Ready for use

Lunker powder is provided ready for use.


Various advantages

From application, to effectively increasing the make-up effect, etc.


The cavity powders specially developed for the aluminum industry are available ready-to-use and are applied to the entire area of the feeder (s) after the liquid metal has been poured. The fine powder ignites automatically, then slowly burns off with the release of heat and ultimately forms a solid crust.

For application to risers in sand casting for all alloys to effectively increase the riser effect. Blowhole powders are used to cover and insulate the exposed feeder surfaces in open feeders. They also reduce the cooling rate of the metal in the risers through exothermic reactions. This can ensure that the feeder solidifies last and that there is always sufficient liquid metal for refeeding. Sprue hoppers can also be heated exothermically for the purpose of refeeding.



  • Specially developed for the aluminium industry
  • Available ready for use
  • Ignites independently, burns slowly
  • Images a firm crust
  • For application on risers and sand casting for alloys
  • To effectively increase the make-up effect
  • For covering and insulating the feeder surfaces
  • Reduce the cooling rate of the metal

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