Void powder (exothermic)

For AL alloys

for AL alloys. Low odor & quick ignition. For application to feeders in sand casting with all alloys to effectively increase the feed effect.

Void powders are used to cover and isolate the exposed riser surfaces in open risers. In addition, exothermic reactions reduce the cooling rate of the metal in the feeders. This ensures that the feeder solidifies last and that there is always enough liquid metal available for replenishment. The pouring funnel can also be heated exothermically for replenishment purposes.


The cavity powders specially developed for the aluminum industry are available ready-to-use and are applied to the entire area of the feeder (s) after the liquid metal has been poured. The fine powder ignites automatically, then slowly burns off with the release of heat and ultimately forms a solid crust.

Product features

  • reacts from approx. 600 ° C
  • exothermic powder
  • Due to the high heat development after ignition, the metal is kept liquid longer and thus prevents the formation of voids
  • is low in smoke
  • Container size 25KG sack
  • Color dark gray

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